Our Purpose

  • To witness to God’s presence and power in the world today through the message of the total Gospel for the total man, and by this to reach men for Jesus Christ, especially those having the same social, cultural or business interests as the person doing the witnessing.
  • To provide a basis of Christian fellowship among all men through an organism not directly associated with any specific church but operating with all those of like mind, and to inspire its members to be active in their respective churches. Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International does not start churches. Rather, we desire solely to be a service-arm to existing ones.
  • To bring about a greater measure of unity and spirit of harmony in the body of Christ, where members are united in a common effort for the good of the whole body.
  • We have reached out to Liberia bringing prayer and Teen Challenge to over 400 young women in need of salvation. Currently donateing a transport van this will help the Teen Challenge School out very much.
  • Liberty house retreat
  • Liberty house is a faith based living facility with Bible structured principals. A weekly Bible study with an ordained priest as leader. All residents come from some type of hardship in there lives such as prison incarceration or drug abuse problems or having troubled marriage such as divorce. This is a sober house with the understanding that all residents must be able to understand his fellow resident and share the responsibilities of the house. All shall work together as christens and evangelize the great commission.