Full Gospel Business is Our Business!

It is not only the business of making money, it is the business of God, the Full Gospel, that sets us appart in North Minneapolis.

North Minneapolis Full Gospel Business Men are Caring Men!

We care about our families. We care abour our business. We care about our co-workers and our employees. Most of all, we care about God!

The Fellowship ... it is Local and International!

Yes, we are about strengthening men. But men have families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers! North Minneapolis FGBMFI Members love to fellowship and share the goodness of the Lord!

North Minneapolis FGBMFI Ladies Rejoice! Praise The Lord!

A growing number of our FGBMFI Chapters have Ladies of the Fellowship meeting also! Where would us men be without the blessed fellowship of the women who stand with us!

North Minneapolis Full Gospel Spirit! Guided by the Holy Spirit!

We rejoice that the Holy Spirit leads us across countries, and across seas, and around the world, so that we can be @ the right place to fellowship with YOU!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Charlie Chaplin

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


See our new Minnesota FGBMFI Chapter website for more details:  NorthMplsMnUs.FGBMFI.net/?

Seattle businessman, Richard Caro, will share his testimony:  "From the Gangs to the Gospel."

Tickets at the door for a suggested price of $15 which covers a great Emily's lasagna dinner.  

Questions? Call: Roger Sonnesyn: 612-965-6561 or
John Barnick: 651-216-4040

Entry fees at local Minnesota Fairs 

Bibles to be distributed

Gas to transport the Godmobile trailer 

Flyers and Tracts  

Sponsored by, FGBMFI-Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International - Minnesota Chapters