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Monday, May 28, 2012

Unity in Seattle Washington

Unity In Seattle On May 10, 2012 Todd Anderson and John Barnick flew to Seattle Washington. Bob Bignold Regional President of the FGBMFA was holding a Unity Prayer meeting on the12 of May. We open with prayer in that we would continue to bring unit throughout the Full Gospel Chapters around the globe. In January 2012 their was a summit in London with 2000 attendees and 21 nations from around the Globe. Also we talked about the GOD Mobil and how to get started with fair venues then Jerry mentioned that he has developed a way to follow up the GOD Mobil with a method to get new Christians to a church in their area. He told me that I would be getting an e-mail on this. We sang song’s to our Lord in Praise and worship. Bob Bignold spoke about the summit in London and then talked about how the sprit of GOD is working in the United States especially in Bemidji John Tolo St. Paul Chapter FGBMFA And Douglas Raine From FGT in Texas Had a gathering in Bemidji with a 1000 or more new Christians blessing the head waters of the Mississippi Where the river starts. Douglas Raine Told John Tolo that he had a vision that a fire would start at the head waters and move down the river and at the same time the public would be saved and a great out pouring of the spirit would flow across the land and continue to the Gulf of Mexico and bring the spirit to the southern nations. We were asked to get together with John Tolo and Forgive our past downfalls and work in unity with there team to get Ideas and a vision for the Mpls Chapter of FGBMFI. We received many business cards and Ideas and fellowship. The meeting and all the participants were very friendly and full of GOD’s Love all in all a great time.

Monday, April 9, 2012

    Visitor From Africa. The Mpls. Arena Chapter of FGBMFI had the incredible opportunity of hosting Apostle Syd Wilson the National director of Teen Challenge Liberia this past week 4//3/12 we we're able to raise over $1000.00 in seed monies to get the donated van from Mpls. to Liberia, Many miracles were witnessed the word we stood on all week is Hebrews 11:1 NOW FAITH IS BEING SURE OF THINGS HOPED FOR AND  CERTAIN OF THINGS NOT SEEN . We put the word out to our family in the faith about donations needed for Teen Challenge Liberia and the response was awesome we have enough stuff to fill an entire 30" container . We are still in need of funding for shipping so keep praying . If you know of someone that can support in any way please contact Todd Anderson ( 612-308-5452 ) or Pastor Roger Sonnysen ( 612-965-6561)Thanks and God Bless.
Livn for HIM
Todd Anderson  President Mpls. Arena Chapter FGBMFI

Friday, April 6, 2012

JAPAN 2010 June

                                           Okinawa Japan 2010 June

                                          Okinawa Japan Military Church


                                          Todd & Kelly In Liberia Africa

                                          Working With Our Family in Liberia

Thursday, April 5, 2012

    Weekly Meeting
  • Welcome to NorthMplsMNusFGBMFI.net we currently have a meeting every Friday at the Liberty House located next to St. Andrews Church 1830 N. James Ave. Mpls. Minnesota Meeting starts at 6:pm Our Monthly meeting is every third Friday of the month at 12:noon to 1:pm Emily's cafe 2124 44th ave off of Brooklyn Blvd. and Oliver ave. N Mpls. Minnesota. All are welcome! 
  • Bring a friend New members receive a Free Lunch!!!
    Hopkins Raspberry Festival July 2013 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome All Friends!

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